Assignment Types are categories used to determine the weight of an assignment or group of assignments within a class. Typical Assignment Type categories may include Homework, Tests, Quizzes, Final Exam, etc. Each assignment type contributes a set percentage to the final grade in a class.  

The total percentage weight of an assignment type is divided by the number of assignments within that assignment type.  For example, if an assignment type of "Homework" is given a weight of 50%, and 5 homework assignments are given, each would have a weight of 10% in determining the overall class grade.

Assignment types may be designated as Extra Credit by clicking on the box next to "Make this type Extra Credit." Extra Credit displays in Blue. Indicate the weight of extra credit.  

Extra credit can only help a student's grade.  Overall grades for students who do not do extra credit are not affected.  Grade sheets with assignment types that are extra credit only will not calculate an overall grade.

  1. From a Teacher account, click on the Assignment Types tab
  2. Add the Assignment type title, such as "Homework"
  3. Enter the Weight %
  4. Preview the assignment types created

Note: Assignment types refers to categories of assignments.  Individual assignments are entered onto the grade sheet via the Assignments tab.