In Gradelink, Access Type determines what areas of Gradelink a particular Staff account will have access to. A Staff account can only have one Access Type selected at a time, so it's important to understand the differences, especially if you ever need to create new accounts.

There are four access levels for Staff:
  • Full Admin: Full Administrators have complete access to every feature Gradelink has to offer. Gradelink highly recommends having two Full Administrators; to learn more, please click here.
  • Limited Admin: Limited Administrators are granted access to specific areas of Gradelink by Full Administrators. For more information about configuring Limited Administrator permissions, please click here.
  • Teachers: Teachers have access to students and classes that have been assigned to them in the active Term. Teachers also have access to lesson plans, assignments, and a grade sheet.
  • No Access: No Access accounts are not able to login to Gradelink. These accounts are ideal for board members or parent volunteers that won't need access to Gradelink but may still need to be communicated with during the school year.