Gradelink includes several built-in class types, including "Standard", "School Attendance", and "Sports". However, not every class affects a student's Grade Point Average (GPA).

In Gradelink, the only class type that affects GPA is Standard.

However, in addition to using the "Standard" class type, classes must also meet the following conditions in order to affect the GPA:

  1. Use the “Standard” class type;
  2. Be worth more than zero units/credits;
  3. Use a grade scale with the setting “Calculate GPA” enabled;
  4. Use a grade scale that has GPA values set up for each grade.

Any class that meets these conditions will count towards a student’s GPA.


What about Credit/No Credit class?

While "Credit / No Credit Classes" function almost exactly the same as Standard classes, they do not affect a student’s GPA

If a student passes the class, they will receive the credits/units assigned to the class; however, even if the student receives credits for the class it will not be included when calculating that student's GPA.