The Grade Sheet is where Teachers enter Grades for their Students. Not every Class will have a Grade Sheet, and not every Grade Sheet will look or behave the same way.

In Gradelink, only Classes with the following Class Types will receive a Grade Sheet:

  • Standard
  • Credit / No Credit
  • Custom*

Note: Gradelink doesn't have a "Custom" Class Type. Instead, Custom Classes are created by applying Sub-Grades to Class Type field when creating a Class. For more information, please click here.

The Grade Sheet for Standard Classes (pictured above) calculates an overall class grade based on Assignments that have been submitted. Furthermore it will dynamically adjust as more assignments are added.

The Grade Sheet for Credit / No Credit Classes functions exactly the same as the grade sheet for Standard Classes. The only difference is that on Report Cards and Transcripts, Students will either receive "CR" (Credit) or "NC" (No Credit).

The Grade Sheet for Custom Classes contains pre-configured assessments that cannot be altered by Teachers. Furthermore, the Grade Sheet for Custom Classes will not automatically calculate an overall grade.

For more information about Class Types, please click here.