Gradelink does not recommend assigning an Alternative Grade as a method of “overriding” a final grade, except in the case of withdrawals, incompletes, etc.  If a student’s grade average needs to be changed in a class (i.e., changing a B to an A), or an Administrator would like to override a final grade entered by a Teacher, the following options are available:

  • Bonus Points: Assignments can be graded with up to 200% their max possible worth (i.e., you can give a score of up to 20 points on an assignment worth 10 points).
  • Extra Credit: Configure an Extra Credit Assignment Type, and offer students Extra Credit assignments to boost their grades.

Extra credit assignments are a benefit to the student if they score anything at all. Extra credit never harms the student’s grade. Extra Credit Assignment Types count over and above the 100% that makes up the class. In the example below, an assignment type called “Bonus work” has extra credit enabled and is weighted at 5%. 105% is possible in the class. If one extra credit assignment  is offered, and a student received 40% on that assignment, that student would get 2 percentage points (or 40% of 5 %) added to his or her final grade. If he or she were originally averaging 80% in the class, the extra credit would raise the final grade to 82%. 


  • Adjust Curves: Teachers can edit an assignment’s curve to boost the class percentage uniformly, or can add an overall class curve for a large-scale effect.

If neither of the above options are suitable, or if you would like to add another mark, such as “Incomplete” or “Withdrawal”, a student’s grade may be manually overridden using Alternative Grades:

  1. As a Teacher, navigate to the GradeSheet tab on the left side of the page.
  2. Under the “Class Grade” column, click on the student's grade.
  3. Select an option under the “Alternative Grade” drop-down menu.
  4. Click Submit.  This new Alternative Grade will now display on Report Cards and Transcripts in place of the original letter/percentage grade.