Gradelink makes generating and customizing report cards simple. 

First, Teachers "conclude" their classes, signaling to Gradelink that the grades which have been submitted should be considered final. Then, all an Administrator needs to do is select the Students that they'd like to generate a report card for and the Terms they'd like to include. For more information about concluding classes, please click here. For more information on how to generate report cards, please click here.

Customizing report cards is also incredibly easy. When schools first sign up with Gradelink, our Implementation staff will help you select from a variety of report card 'templates' based on the unique needs of your schools. Then, we'll help you setup reusable 'profiles' to help speed up the process even more. For example, some schools require slightly different report cards for each grade level; in Gradelink, we'll help you setup distinct profiles, each with their own unique settings, so that you don't have to manually adjust the report card for each group of students. 

When its time to make report cards available to parents and students, you can either download them as PDFs and print them or you can publish them online. Furthermore, because Gradelink never deletes school data, if you change your mind down the road it's no trouble to generate report cards for previous terms or graduated students.