Possible Scenario:

1. A school would like to print blank report cards and fill in final grade information by hand

2. A school would like to print blank report cards because students grades are saved in a different gradebook


Gradelink will not allow you to generate a completely blank report card. In other words, you cannot create report cards that don't include information such as a student's name, grade level, and so on. 

Gradelink generates Report Cards by looking at what classes a student took in the past or is currently taking - they are not "fixed" templates that list the same classes and settings for every student. 

To describe it in another way, report cards in Gradelink are more like a receipt: in the same way that a receipt lists the specific purchases that a customer makes, report cards in Gradelink reflect the specific classes a student has participated in. Furthermore, just like two receipts might look different if one customer used a coupon and the other did not, report cards might vary from student to student depending on their grade level, what classes they took, and so on. For example, the report card of a sixth grade student who completes a seventh grade math course will look different from that of another sixth grade student who only took sixth grade courses.

If you'd like to print a blank Report Card because the grades were saved in a gradebook other than Gradelink (and you just want to enter the final grades), it may be easier to just enter the final grades into Gradelink. You can learn more about how to do this by clicking here.