Information in an application cannot be edited once it has been submitted to the school. If the school or a parent would like to edit any of the information on an application, the application status will need to be changed from Submitted (or any other status that is not Started) to Started.

1. Click the EnrollMe tab on the left sidebar.

2. Select the student application that you need to have edits made for (a selected application will be highlighted in yellow).

3. Under the Workflow sub-tab, change the Form Status from its current status to Started.

At this point, if the school is not making the changes on the application, you will need to notify the parent that their student's application is ready to be edited, as they will not be notified automatically.

If the school is making the edits on the application, please proceed to the following steps:

4. Click the Online Forms sub-tab at the top of the page.

5. Make sure the checkbox at the top of the page which reads This form has not been completed and submitted online, you may click here to enter it manually is checked.

6. Navigate to the page in the application that needs to be edited by clicking the Continue button at the bottom right hand side of the page until you get to the correct page. 

7. Once you have made the changes, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page to save the change to that part of the application.

8. Once you are done making changes, click the Workflow tab at the top of the page.

9. Change the Form Status back to Submitted.


At this point, you can either set another form status to the application or change it to Approved in order to import the information from the application into Gradelink. 

Notes on Making Changes to An Application  

  •  If the parent is making changes to the application, they will need to re-submit their application. Please also keep in mind that if the form status was previously set to Approved, you will have to change the application status back to Approved once the new information in the application has been reviewed.

  • If you make changes to an application that has already been imported, those changes will not automatically take effect. Instead, you will have to re-import the application.