If you recently added a new student to Gradelink but forgot to mark their attendance for the first few days, you can go back and add their attendance. The student is on the attendance roster; just click the date picker in the top left and choose a prior date. Their name won’t appear on the prior dates because they were not populated in the class at that time. Even if the “date entered” on the student’s tab lists a prior date, it doesn’t automatically mark them as present for the prior dates. So just click “add attendance for new students” at the bottom of the screen and that will add them to the attendance list for the prior date.

 Add/Edit Attendance for a previous date:

  1. Click the Attendance tab
  2. Select the class from the drop down menu above for which you want to edit.
  3. Use the date picker to select date you want to edit. The date must be within the date/range of the term the class is in. For example, if you want to edit attendance from quarter 1 then you must select the quarter 1 class.

If you need to change an attendance mark for a previous day but don’t remember the exact date, you can use the following reports. 

How to view all the tardies for a student

  1. Click Teacher Reports
  2. Select the attendance class
  3. Attendance/Conduct by Student
  4. Click Submit
  5. Select the student

To edit the tardy:

  1. Click Attendance
  2. Select the attendance class you want to edit
  3. Change the date using the calendar in the top left corner
  4. Make the change
  5. Click Submit Changes

Note, if this is a concluded class then you need one more step after you have finished making the change.

  1. Click Classes
  2. Select the class
  3. Click Submit Changes. (This re-concludes the class sending the updated info to the permanent records)