The Fundraising/Donation Codes indicate how the money was received, such as a specific fundraiser, or what the money is intended for, such as a sports team or scholarship fund. For each donation entry, you can select codes from the drop-down menu or you can type in a new code. For tracking purposes or for entering many donations with the same code, you can customize the drop-down menu entries for quick selection.


To customize the drop-down menu, go to the Admin tab and the Coding section. Select Fundraising codes (list item 26) and add the entries (ex: Cookie Dough Sales, Car Wash, Marching Band Uniforms, Scholarship Fund).  When you return to the Financial tab Donations section, you will see that upon clicking in the Fundraising/Donations field, your code entries will appear on the drop-down menu. You can make multiple selections here.


Note:  You can type a new code that is not on the drop-down and it will be saved for that donation entry, however it will not appear on the drop-down menu for future use unless it is set-up on the Admin tab.