School News

Author: School Administrators

Audience: The entire School  (All faculty, All Students/Parents)

Only Administrators can author the School News page. It is the first page students/parents see when they log in. Teachers and other administrators can also see the news when they login. Administrators can use the School News to communicate important announcements, or even a complete newsletter with the entire school.  You can compose your newsletter in Gradelink or copy and paste from another source.

Teacher Pages

Author: Teaching Staff

Audience: Students/Parents, of the specific teacher. For example, you will see the 5th grade teacher’s webpage if that is your teacher.

If you have been maintaining a third party teacher blog for posting homework and classroom events, you can compose the same information in Teacher Pages.  Because your students/parents are the only ones who can see what you post,  it makes it the ideal place for classroom news, lesson plan content, useful links and information on upcoming tests or activities.