If the Teacher Pages and/or School News buttons are not visible on the Communicate page, an Administrator may need to turn on these features:      

Settings > General > Enable the School News Page for your School

Settings > General > Enable Teacher Pages for the Teachers and Classrooms


Checking the box may prompt you to log out and back in again. Be sure to Save Changes. Keep in mind that simply turning on the features here does not automatically show pages on the student/parent interface. Additional controls must now be enabled from the Communicate tab.                                                                                                                   

On the School News section you’ll find a switch to toggle visibility of the School News for both Teachers and Parents/Students.

Similarly, the Teacher Pages section has a global switch for visibility of Teacher Pages to Parents/Students.

Note that even with these toggles switched on, there must be actual Posts published by the School and Teacher(s), respectively, for parents/students to see any content.