Gradelink gives schools the ability to let their parents access Discipline information for their students. Furthermore, Administrators have the ability to only display certain information to parents depending on their school's preferences.

To get started:

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Click on the Parent/Student sub-tab
  3. Check the box labeled Show Discipline on parent interface; this will cause additional fields to appear

The fields that appear allow you to customize what information will display on the Student/Parent Interface. The example below includes a screenshot of the student/parent interface in order to demonstrate how discipline information is displayed.

  • Show incidents from the past...days: Allows you to hide events that happened more than a certain number of days ago. For example, some schools want to hide discipline incidents that took place during a previous school year.
  • Tab & Report Title: Allows you to rename the discipline module. This is useful for schools that use different terminology, such as "Counseling" or "Behavior".
  • Show Discipline Description: Includes the "Description" field for discipline incidents.
  • Show Discipline Result: Includes the "Result" field for discipline incidents.
  • Show Discipline to students accounts: Allows Students to view information for their own discipline incidents.
  • Allow email notifications: Allows parents to setup automatic email alerts that track whether a discipline incident has been recorded for their student.