In the Teacher section of the Settings tab, Administrators can control what areas of Gradelink teachers have access to.

Let's look at each of the view/access settings at the top of the page one at a time:

  1. Progress Reports: Allows teachers to run progress reports; The progress reports will show the students' grades for all classes regardless of the teacher.
  2. GPA & Scores Report: Allows teachers to run the "GPA & Scores" report which shows the students' overall average and GPA, but not grades for individual classes.
  3. Student Roster Report: Allows teachers to generate a student roster that displays student names and basic information.
  4. Staff Roster Report: Allows teachers to generate a simple staff roster that shows staff names, emails, phone numbers, and last login.
  5. Report Card Options: If teachers have been given the ability to generate report cards, this setting allows them to access the Report Card Options menu and customize the appearance and content of their report cards.
  6. Published Report Cards: Allows teachers to view report cards that have been published online.

  1. Populating Classes tab: Allows teachers to add or remove students from their classes.
  2. Effort tab: Allows teachers to enter an effort grade for each class. While "Effort" is the default name, you can enter a different name by going to the Class Category page.
  3. SmartSendAllows teachers the access the SmartSend section of the "Communicate" tab to email all their students/parents.
  4. Student portal: Allows teachers to view student grades and assignments in other classes.
  5. All student grades on Term Comments: Allows teachers to see their students' current grades while recording narrative comments.

  1. Parent/student contact information: Allows teachers to view emails, phone numbers, and addresses saved for students and parents. 
  2. Student emergency contacts: Allows teachers to see a student's emergency contacts.
  3. Student pickup contacts: Allows teachers to see those contacts that are authorized to pick up a student.
  4. View student notes records by admins: Allows teachers to see notes recorded for a student in the "Notes" section on the Student Demographics page. 
  5. Addresses using Google Maps: Allows teachers to see a map of their students' addresses.