Race Codes can be configured from the "Settings" tab. 


Adding and Editing New Race Codes

  1. Click the "Settings" tab
  2. Click the "Race Designations" button
  3. Enter the name of a race in the "Name" box or click on a race on the right to edit an existing race code
  4. Races will be listed alphabetically by default, however you can use the "Order" option to specify a custom non-alphabetical order
  5. Catholic schools can use the "NCEA Race Mapping" menu to automate the race portion of the NCEA report
  6. An optional description can be added
  7. Save

Assigning Race Codes

Use the "Race" field on either the "Student" or "Staff" tabs to assign races to your staff and students. 

Deleting Race Codes

You cannot delete a race that is being used by a student or staff. To help you, the names of the students/staff who are using each code will display to the right when a race code is selected. If no one is using the code, simply click on the code and click "Delete" on the bottom left.

Merging Races

If the Race Code field in your "Student" or "Staff" tab has too many similar sounding options (e.g. "Hisp." and "Hispanic"), you can now merge options. To merge:

  1. Click on the "Settings" tab
  2. Click on "Race Designations" button on the bottom left
  3. Select two races (hold down the "Ctrl" key on a Windows computer or the "Cmd" key on a Mac)
  4. Click "Merge Races"