Required Documents

  1. Implementation Questionnaire: This questionnaire asks basic questions about how your school currently operates (how many grading periods, how attendance is taken, etc.,) and helps the implementation team lay the foundation for your school's database. It should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete but may take a shorter amount of time depending on the complexity of your school's current configuration.

  1. Student, Staff and Class List: The spreadsheet has multiple "sheets": one for staff, one for students, and one for classes. We ask that at minimum you fill out the "Staff" section to create accounts for your faculty, however, the "Class" section is highly recommended to ensure accuracy when building your database. If you do not plan on importing students, then you do not need to fill out the "Students" tab. Otherwise, please put student information into the "Students" tab of the spreadsheet according to the format. The minimum information required for a student import is first name, last name, and grade level.

  1. Report Card samples: If your school's report cards vary by grade level, please include a sample of each one. Even if you would like to change the format or wording, they are very helpful for us to get a general understanding of your school. Therefore, please send them anyway and explain the changes you would like to see during your consultation.

  1. Your school's logo


  • Implementation Consultation: During the meeting we will review your questionnaire responses and your report cards to ensure that we configure your Gradelink account correctly. We will not be training you at this time, but rather preparing to set up your database. It will be helpful if you have a copy of the report card samples and other information you sent us to refer to during the phone call.

  • Administration Q&A Session - a 30 minute time where you can ask all of your questions you have regarding Gradelink. 

  • New Administrator Training: This is designed for existing Gradelink clients who have a new administrator on staff that requires or requests training.