1. The school is responsible for saving their records in the provided Records Transfer Excel workbook and sending it to their representative at Gradelink

  1. Gradelink is not responsible for the quality of the data provided by the school. If bad data is provided in the Excel workbook, bad data will be found in Gradelink as well.
  2. Required fields (columns) must be included within each Excel sheet. Required fields are marked in red for clarity.

2. The Excel workbook’s structure can not be altered or else the transfer will not work. The following must not be altered:

  1. Column names must not be added, edited, deleted or reordered
  2. Data in each column must match the intended “Data Type” described in the “comments” of each column. For example, if the data is “Date” then only dates following the format of mm/dd/yyyy is accepted – May 2010 would not be a valid date.

3. The record transfer service is a one-time service that can not be undone. Therefore, the school is responsible for entering all the records they intend to transfer into the provided Excel workbook and send it to Gradelink once.

  1. Sending the workbook a second time with different records is not allowed because it may include extensive work to reliably merge the records.
  2. Backups are made to your database both before and after a records transfer in order to confirm an accurate transfer; however, once records are transferred there is no “undo” because they may undo changes users have performed to the database after the transfer was completed.