To add a new post:

  1. Login and click on the "Posts" tab
  2. Click "Add New" at the top left
  3. Enter the public title of the post
  4. Enter the content (pictures, paragraphs, etc.)
  5. You can set a "Featured Image" on the bottom right which may display on your website depending on your setup
  6. Choose which category/categories the post belongs to on the right (this decides which lists the post will show up in)
  7. You can then save the draft, publish immediately, or publish at a future time on the top right
    • To save the draft and finish the post later, click "Save Draft" at the top right
    • To publish immediately, click "Publish"
    • To publish at a future date (or show a date other than the current one next to the post) click "Edit" above the "Publish" button next to "Publish immediately" and choose the date/time you want the post to display; then click "Publish"

Click here for more information on WordPress Posts.