The first feature added to help support AutoPay plan administration is a new report "AutoPay Plans" report option that is next to the existing "Submitted Payments" report you already use.  Here is an example:

Included among the fields listed in this report are the total amount and number of payments in an AutoPay plan, the current status of the plan (active, concluded, deleted, suspended), the number of installments already submitted and how many have settled or failed.  There is also "Last Pay Update" date field and "Last Pay Status" field showing if the most recent payment was successfully settled or has been authorized but not yet settled or if it has failed.

Each pay plan also has a unique, identifying number which is displayed in the fourth column from the right-hand side:

As previously mentioned we are working to add the individual payment detail to the Online Billing tab on the student/family account. But if you need to research each individual payment dispatched for a plan now, you can go to the Submitted Payments report and add the Plan # to the column filter as shown here:

Like the Submitted Payments report, this report may be viewed and filtered using the column filters, and it can be exported to Excel using the icon in the upper right-hand corner:

The report is rather detailed, and even more fields are available for display and export. You will see the additional but hidden fields listed in the menu with an 'x' next to them. You can show or hide any of the fields by clicking on the field name.