Assignment Collections

Your carefully crafted projects, quizzes and homework assignments should be treasured – or at least saved for future reuse. Now you can do this easily right from the GradeSheet.

Assignment Collections include the ability to:

  • Add Assignments as Templates complete with tags for organizing
  • Load templates in a few clicks next week, next month, next year…
  • Share Templates with other Teachers

A Boost for Teachers

You can get to this feature from the Assignments tab of the Teacher interface. Log in to your teacher account and select a Standard Class to take a look. (For more information on Standard Classes, Gradesheets, or the Teacher Interface in general see our GradeSheet User Guide.)

To get started, create an assignment as usual. This includes a valid title, description, Type and Grading Style. The Date Assigned and Date Due fields, while required for saving assignments to the GradeSheet, are not saved with templates added to a collection.

  1. Click the Add to Collection check box to prompt the appearance of a Tags field.
  2. Tags are labels which can be used to easily organize your templates but are not required. Enter in appropriate Tags for the assignment you are adding and use the Enter or Tab key to separate them.
  3. Once you’ve finished adding your Tags, click Add Template.

Accessing Templates

Now that we’ve added a template to our collection, accessing it is a click away. When creating a new assignment, simply click the folder icon in the upper left corner to open your Assignment Collection.

  1.  Click the folder icon in order to access templates.
    • The Save options to create the assignment will disappear temporarily while a template is being selected.
  2. Select a template from your collection to use for this new assignment.
  • Use the Cancel button to return to the assignment and edit normally.
  • To delete items in the collection, click Edit List and use the trash can icon to remove any unwanted templates.
  1. Adjust the due date and any other settings needed, then add the assignment to the GradeSheet as usual.


A handy tool in Assignment Collections is the ability to share Collections with other teachers. This is great for team teaching, sharing project ideas or collaborating on similar subjects.

For access sharing, click the Sharing menu in the Assignment Collections pane. Here you can choose to share your Collection, and also view Collections other teachers have shared. Changes cannot be made to another teacher’s template from your account but, once selected, you can customize the individual assignment before saving to the GradeSheet as usual.

Adding Existing Assignments

Assignment Collections act as a tool for future convenience but we wanted to make sure the effort teachers have put into their current and past assignments could be used as well. To add an existing assignment to an Assignment Collection, navigate to the appropriate class, view the GradeSheet, and click the assignment you would like to add. To access concluded classes or classes from an inactive term, make sure the view beside the classes dropdown is set to All.

  1. Once on the Assignment Information page, click the Collection tab to access the Assignment Collection.
  2. Create simple tags to help organize your Collection.
  3. Click Add Template.