Before we begin, it's important to note that Voice messaging is only available in SmartSend Pro. 

This feature is also available only to those with Administrative access as it is typically used for school-wide announcements and/or emergencies.

Sending a Voice Message follows a slightly different procedure than sending an Email or a Text Message:

1.You will need to go to SmartSend, which is located in the Communicate tab.

2. You will need to decide who you are sending the Voice Message to. There are two ways to do this: selecting from available groups, and adding individuals manually. If you select a Group from the Groups dropdown menu, you'll enable a second field called "Excludes" that allows you to exclude individuals from the group they are a part of. Please note that if you add recipients by selecting a "class" using the Group menu, you will send your message to ALL CLASSES that use the same Class Title. This is why Gradelink recommends creating unique Class Titles whenever possible.

If you’re only sending a message to a few people, you can add individuals manually by searching for their last name or typing in their phone number using the Quick Add field on the far right. Don’t forget to hit “Enter” on your keyboard if you add a phone number manually.

3. To record your actual message, you’ll need to enter your phone number into Gradelink and hit “Call Now”. An automated phone call from Gradelink will then ask you to record your message, and once you’re done you can hang up to send it directly to your browser. If you aren’t satisfied with the recording, you can hit the “Start Over” button to restart the process. Otherwise, you can either send your Voice message immediately or Schedule it for a later date.