How do I enter transactions in Financial?

How do I add transactions?

How do I add payments to the ledger?


Follow steps below.

The student ledger allows you to enter in individual charges and payments to a students account by selecting from a list of available school-wide “fees” and “transaction types” which are configured on the “Fees/Types” page. You can think of these fees and transaction types as “stock” transactions. You cannot create a unique type of transaction on the ledger page; the ledger only allows you to enter a charge or payment for a student from a list of available options which are already configured as transaction types within your school.

1. Click on the Financial tab.

2. Select the student’s name.

3. Select the Ledger tab at the top of the screen.

4. Enter in the date, session, transaction type, amount, payment method, and reference # (Charges don’t require a payment method or reference #). Any notes entered in the “memo” box will appear directly on the statement.

5. Click “Add” at the bottom of the screen.

Remember, you must enter a payment as a separate entry from the charge. There is no need to designate on this page whether a transaction is a charge or payment; Gradelink will know whether the transaction is a debit or credit to the student’s account because you will have already indicated that information on the “fees/types” page. So Gradelink will know that you are making an entry that is a payment, as long as under the column “transaction type”, you select one that you have configured as a “Payment” on your fees/types page. The column underneath “new balance” will automatically adjust whenever you enter in a transaction.