For schools that track financial charges through the attendance sheet, such as schools that offer paid lunches, situations may occur where charges from the attendance sheet are never posted to the ledger. For example, a school may take attendance but then make changes to the attendance sheet after the fact.

Gradelink has made catching these kinds of oversights simple by introducing the Lunch Post Warnings Report, a report that searches for discrepancies between student and family ledgers and attendance sheet charges.

To use the Lunch Post Warnings Report:

  1. Select the Financial Tab

  2. Select the “View/Export” sub-tab at the top of the page

  3. Hit the “Lunch Post Warnings” button directly below

  4. Select the Session for which you’d like to run the report

After you select a Session, the report will be generated for you automatically.

By default, the report is sorted by Student Last Name, but selecting any of the header titles will reorder the report as well as toggle ascending and descending order.

Administrators should note the content of the Warning Message column (5) for each entry on the report; the Warning Messages provide brief explanations of why particular ledger entries were flagged:

  • Not Posted is a generic message automatically attached to charges that despite appearing on attendance sheets never get posted to the ledger.

  • Removed From Attendance After Posting is the opposite of Not Posted, and appears when charges on the attendance sheet get posted but are then removed from the Attendance sheet.

  • Amount Discrepancy indicates a change in the value of a recurring charge; this can sometimes occur when for example a student starts or stops receiving financial assistance part of the way through the year.