Possible Scenario:

1. How is the Projected Term Grade calculated?

2. Do Exam Term grades affect the Projected Term Grade?


The Projected Term Grade is the average grade of all 'Child' Terms assigned to a Parent Term. 

The Projected Term Grade appears on the grade sheet when two conditions are met:

  • First, the class whose grade sheet you are viewing must belong to a 'Child' Term.
  • Second, at least one other 'version' of the class in another 'Child' Term must be concluded.

The Projected Term grade is calculated using one of two methods:

  • If there are no Exam Terms assigned to the same Parent Term, the projected grade is the average of every concluded 'Child' Term.
  • If there are Exam Terms assigned to the same Parent Term, then the projected grade will weight each 'Child' Term based on the remaining Term weight. For example, if the Exam Term is worth 20%, and the Parent Term has five 'Child' Terms, then each 'Child' Term will be worth 16% (80 divided by 5).

Let's look at an example.

In the example shown above, there is one Parent Term ("School Year 2018-2019") with five 'Child' Terms associated with it.

If we go to the Classes tab, we'll see that all of the classes in Term 1 have been concluded, while the classes in other terms have not.

Without at least 2 concluded terms, an average can't be generated. Therefore, when we look at the grade sheet, the Projected Term Grade is exactly the same as the grades for Term 1.