What are Transcript Labels?

Transcript Labels are a unique report that pulls information from the Transcript and creates brief summaries that can be printed on labels. Typically this report is used for student CUM files.

Generating Transcript Labels

Transcript Labels can be generated by going to the Administrator Reports tab and clicking the Transcript Labels button within the Misc. Reports section.

Running this report will be similar to a report card. By default, you can only select one or two terms, but you can set a profile setting to remove this limit if needed.

1. Select the Term or Terms you'd like to include 

2. Select the Student or Students you'd like to include by Individual, Class or Grade Level

3. Select a Report Profile and then click Run Report

After reviewing the generated labels, be sure to export the labels as a PDF file by clicking on the PDF Icon at the top of the page. When exporting as a PDF, Gradelink will automatically adjust the label positioning to fit 9 labels per page.

Things to keep in mind when Printing

Transcript Labels are designed to print using "3.4" x 2.6" SL1117 labels which are available at:


The above link contains additional printing templates if necessary so you can test your printer's settings without using an actual label sheet. When loading the label sheets into your printer, it's important to remember that the smaller margin appears at the top of the page. This is critical because if you load the labels upside down, they will not print correctly.

When printing the PDF, the “Actual Size” print setting should be selected/checked (no scaling) which is the default setting. Some third-party PDF software such as Soda PDF will not print the labels correctly.