Scenario 1: Why can't I add a Student to a Class?

By default, Gradelink automatically prevents you from adding students to classes that share the same class period or class name.

If you try to add a student to a class, and that student is already enrolled in another class with the same name or scheduled for the same Period, the conflicting class will appear in Red Text on the 'preview schedule' on the far right.

However, this restriction can be disabled in the Settings tab.

1.  Select the Settings tab.

2.  Click on the General sub-tab at the top of the page.

3.  Check boxes marked:

  • "Allow a student to be populated into identically titled classes"
  • "Allow a student to be populated into multiple classes per period"

4.  Click Save Changes.

Scenario 2: Why can't I remove a Student from a Class?

By default, Gradelink prevents you from removing Students from Classes if they have received any grades or been included on any attendance sheets. This is a security feature designed to prevent the accidental deletion of data.

If a student has any grade or attendance data, the "Add" and "Remove" buttons will not light up when you select their name.

This restriction can be bypassed in two ways:

  • If you're a Teacher, you must first delete all of the student's data; only then will you be able to remove them from the class.
  • If you're an Administrator, you can disable the restriction entirely in the Settings tab.

1. Select the Settings tab.

2. Click on the General sub-tab at the top of the page.

3. Check the box marked:

  • Temporarily allow deletion of students or classes that contain data

4. Click Save Changes.

Note: Because this setting allows grade and attendance data to be permanently deleted, it only stays active for 30 minutes. If you need to continue removing students after 30 minutes has elapsed, you will need to manually re-enable the setting.