How do I add standards to a Lesson Plan?


Teachers have the ability to add individual Standards, pulled from the Standards Group assigned to the Class, to their Lesson Plans.

To add Standards to a Lesson Plan:

1. Click on the Lesson Plans tab.

2. Make sure you are viewing the correct Term.

3. Click on the Lesson Plan you would like to add Standards to.

4. Click on the Standards sub-tab. If you don't see the Standards sub-tab, you can enable it by going to Tab Settings. For information about Tab Settings, please click here.

5. Click on the drop-down menu that appears.

The drop-down menu will display every Standard in the Standards Group that has been assigned to the Class. To add a Standard to the Lesson Plan, check its respective box on the left. There is no limit to the number of Standards you can add to a Lesson Plan. The text on the right will show details about the currently selected Standard, including whether the Standard has already been covered by an existing Assignment.

6. When you're all done adding Standards, click Done.