The Lesson Plan Collection allows Teachers to create reusable templates to speed up the process of creating lesson plans. Additionally, the Lesson Plan Collection allows Teachers to collaborate by sharing their templates with other Teachers. If you would like more information about sharing lesson plan Collections, please click here.

To add a lesson plan to the Collection, all you need to do is click the "Add as Template to Collection" button when viewing a lesson plan.

To view your Collection, open an existing lesson plan (or start creating a new one) and then click the "folder" icon in the top left corner.

To use a template from your Collection, just click the "Select" button on the right. Gradelink will ask you to confirm that you'd like the template to overwrite any existing information in the lesson plan.

Note: When using templates shared by other teachers, Gradelink will not include data that can't be replicated. For example, if a template shared by another teacher includes an assignment that uses a specific assignment type, and your account doesn't use the same exact assignment types, Gradelink won't duplicate the assignment.