A common issue that occurs when generating the WISEid Export Report is the "Race Key" column appearing empty even though race/ethnicity codes have been recorded for your students in Gradelink. The most common reason that this happens is that the race/ethnicity designations that have been configured by your school haven't been 'mapped' to Federal race codes.

While Gradelink allows schools to configure their own unique race/ethnicity codes for internal use, in order to upload student information to WISEdata, schools must use Federally-designated race/ethnicity codes.

Gradelink makes this easy by allowing schools to 'map' their existing codes to the built-in Federal codes. For example, suppose a particular school with a large population of Asian students has set up codes for "Chinese", "Japanese", "Korean", and "Indian". In order to upload student information to WISEdata, the school could simply 'map' all four of those race codes to the Federal "Asian" code. This means that the school wouldn't have to manually adjust the race/ethnicity field on each students' profile.

For more information about mapping to Federal race/ethnicity codes, please click here.