1. How do I add multiple transactions at once?

2. Is there a way to add transactions for every family of a student in a particular grade level or class?

3. How can I add a transaction to multiple families?


By default, Batch Transactions are created on a "Per Student" basis, where one transaction is created for each student that you select. However, it may sometimes be necessary to create Batch Transactions that are only applied on a "Per Family" basis, where one transaction is created per family even if multiple siblings are selected.

Creating this kind of Batch Transaction is easy. To get started:

  1. Go to the Financial tab
  2. Make sure that the Ledger sub-tab is selected
  3. Click on "Batch Transactions"

You'll still need to enter information in the same way as you would for a "Per Student" batch transaction:

  1. Select students using the "Student Grid" at the top of the page
  2. Fill out details about the transaction using the "Transaction Form" at the bottom of the page

It's important to note that it's okay to select multiple students that belong to the same family. Later in this process, Gradelink will automatically filter out redundant siblings so that each family only receives one transaction.

Unlike with "Per Student" Batch Transactions, this time you need to check the box labeled "Apply one transaction per family".

With this box checked, you can fill out the rest of the Transaction Form as usual. 

Note: Are the Session and/or Transaction Type menus showing up empty? If so, this means that you need to configure Billing Sessions and Fees/Types for your school. For more information about Billing Sessions, please click here. For more information about Fees/Types, please click here.

When you're done, click "Add Batch Transaction". In the confirmation window that appears, you'll notice that the bold text now mentions both the number of students you've selected as well as the number of unique families that those students belong to:

If everything looks correct, click "Yes" and the transaction will be created.

Note: While Batch Transactions can be created on a "Per Family" basis, in Gradelink they still need to be assigned to a student. As a result, Family Batch Transactions are automatically assigned to either the Youngest or Oldest Sibling in each family. This behavior can be adjusted in the Admin section of the Financial tab. For more information, please click here.