Gradelink's Google Classroom integration allows teachers to sync their Google Classroom classes with their Gradelink classes, transferring both assignments and student grades whenever they wish.

In order to use the Google Classroom integration, please complete the following steps:

Enable the 3rd Party Gradebook Sync from the Settings page

  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Select the Teachers sub-tab
  • Check the box labeled "3rd Party Gradebook Sync"
  • Click the "Save Changes" button near the bottom of the page

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Add Student Email Addresses

  • Go to the Students tab
  • For each student, enter the email address the student uses to connect with the school's Google Classroom account into the 'School Email' field.

Grant Gradelink Access to Google Classroom 

  • Log in as a teacher
  • Go to the Gradesseet tab
  • Select the Gear icon ⚙ at the top. The icon only appears on Standard ClassTypes
  • Click Sign in with Google Classroom

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Set up your sync configuration 

  • Match each gradesheet from Gradelink with a corresponding gradesheet from Google Classroom.

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Gradelink is able to one gradesheet from Gradelink with one gradesheet from Google Classroom. Therefore it is important that you set up one gradesheet in Google Classroom for each subject. 

Create an assignment in Google Classroom

  • In Google Classroom, create either an Assignment, Quiz or Question.

  • You can choose which Assignment Type the assignment is sync'd to by entering the Assignment Type name in brackets in the instructions field. 
  • Enter a due date between the start and end date of the term.
  • After entering grades, press the Return button. Only Returned grades will appear in Gradelink.

Sync Assignments and Grades from Google Classroom 

  • Press the Sync button to sync assignments and grades from Google Classroom to Gradelink.

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