Once a student's application has been submitted to the school. the school will then be able to review the contents of the application to decide whether to accept the student into the school or not. 

1. Click the EnrollMe tab on the left sidebar

2. Select a student from the list of student applications in EnrollMe (a selected application will be highlighted in yellow). 

3. Click the Online Forms sub-tab at the top of the page.

4. Click through each of the tabs that are part of the application to see the information parents/guardians have provided about the student. 

Once the application has been reviewed, the school can then decide how to move forward with the application:

5. Click the Workflow sub-tab at the top of the page.

6. Click the Form Status drop-down menu and change the status to one of the following designations:  

  1. In-Process: This is an optional status used when the parent need to make some kind of modification to their student's application or complete another task in the enrollment process before the student can formally be considered for acceptance into the school.

  2. Pending: This is an optional status used when the form is simply not ready to be approved or denied.

  3. Approved: The application has been accepted, and the student’s data is ready to be imported into the Students tab in Gradelink.

  4. Not Approved: The student's application has been rejected by the school.

  5. Cancelled: The parent began an application for their child but then decided not to pursue the enrollment process further.