If your school offers different programs that each have their own set of grad requirements, you can make the transcript only show the requimrents that apply to the student. For example, if your school offers a certificate program and a master's program, you could make a student's transcript only show the requirements that match the program he/she is part of. 

This is done by creating a Transcript Report Profile for each program. For instance, one for the certificate and one for for the Master's program. When you run a student's transcript, you will need to select the Profile that matches the program the student is in so that the correct set grad requirements appear on the students transcript. 

Step 1: Create grad requirements

  1. Read How to Create Grad Categories

Step 2: Add characters to the grad categories which you can filter by

  1.  Add a set of characters
  2. If a class can meet a requirements from more than one set of requirements, you can add

Step 3. Create Transcript Report Profiles for each set of grad requirements 

  1. Go to Transcript > Transcript Options
  2. Click Manage Report Profiles
  3. Select the profile. The default profile is titled General. Press Duplicate to make a profile for each program.
  4. Edit the name of the profile to match the name of your programs. 
  5. Edit the setting titled, GradReq: Only Show Categories Containing. For instance, [CR] or [MA]. The characters you enter should match the characters entered in Step Two.
  6. Repeat this step for each Transcript Profile. 

Step 4: Testing Your Result

  1. Go to Transcripts > Transcript Options. Select the Report Profile to be used on the transcript then press Save Changes.

  2. Click View Transcript then Select Student to view a transcript. 

  3. The graduation requirements that appear on the transcript will match the filtering configured for the select Report Profile. In this example, the Certificate program was selected and each requirement has the code [CR] at the end which was used as the filter.