Edmentum sells online courses to schools who can use them with students. This is good if a single student needs an advanced math class. Normally, one would not bleed able to provide the course but with Edmentum a school can just purchase the course for the individual student who will complete the course online. 

Integration with Gradelink:
This is what is possible. 

1) Using Clever, one can sync the roster from Gradelink to Edmentum.  
- You can purchase a Clever sync with Gradelink so that Gradelink pushes the roster to Clever and Clever pushes the roster to Edmentum nightly.
- You can also use the free Clever "sync".  You can download a spreadsheet of your roster from Gradelink and upload to Clever ( or directly to Edmentum) to update the rosters. 

The sync between Gradelink and Clever is a roster sync not a grade sync. 

2) There are two ways to include the course code from Edmentum in Gradelink. 

Edmentum classes have a unique course code like Math 1352433. 

Option 1: Use the Report Title.
When a class a student takes an Edmentum class, the administrator can enter the Edmentum course code into the "Report Title" of Gradelink so that the course code appears on the student's Gradelink login, report card, and transcript. This option is 100% free of course.

A few tips when added Edmentum classes to Gradelink

- Edmentum has 300+ classes. Most schools only use a handful of them. Therefore it is recommended that schools only  create an Edmentum class in Gradelink if and when the class is offered. This will allow one to avoid scrolling through courses that you don't use.
- Once you create an Edmentum class in Gradelink, you can it there the folloiwng term even if no students take that class. Just leave it unpopulated. The reason is that
a) It doesn't hurt anything to have an unpopulated class
b) If you need to offer the Edmentum class again, one only needs to populate the class. This way you won't need to look up the course code, credits, etc.