Can PaySimple send reminder emails to parents/students regarding due payments?

Yes, PaySimple can send parents reminders of scheduled auto payments. You can be notified of upcoming payments, successful payments, and unsuccessful payments. 

Which email address do the payment reminders come from?

Reminder emails sent to students/parents come from PaySimple.        


Does PaySimple sync with Quickbooks?

Yes, if you enable Quickbooks sync, you can sync payments from PaySimple to Quickbooks Online (QBO). PaySimple does not sync with Quickbooks Desktop. You don't have to use the Quickbooks sync.

What data is sync'd from PaySimple to Quickbooks Online (QBO)?

PaySimple will push the charge, payment amount, and name of the payer is sent to Quickbooks. The school will have to go in and manually attach it and update any invoices.  

Will PaySimple sync both credit cards and ACH payments with Quickbooks?

Yes, both will sync. 

If I sync PaySimple with Quickbooks, will I see individual payments or batches in Quickbooks?

You will see individual payments in Quickbooks, not batches. 

How does PaySimple sync the payer's name with the correct customer record in Quickbooks?

The sync looks for an exact match of the name. If there is not an exact match, (for instance someone uses their nick name), Quickbooks will show, :"no attachment to a customer record".  Obviously this better than it creating a duplicate entry but not ideal. To correct this, one will need to look up the customer name in Quickbooks and attach the record. 

Is PaySimple PCI compliant?

Yes it is. You can read more about that here.

If I get a failed transaction, what error codes will I see?

You will see an error code for insufficient funds, invalid card and more. You can read about the error codes in detail here

Autopay - Can parents choose PayPlans to start on any day?

Yes. When a parent selects a PayPlan, the parent can choose for the PayPlan to start on any day of the month. There is no method of limiting the dates shown to parents. School administrators can set the date by which auto payments must end and Gradelink will not allow pay plans that got paste that date to be set up. 

Autopay PayPlans - Can parents choose their PayPlan? 

Yes, although a school admin can set up PayPlans, the parent is allow to choose a PayPlan from one to thirteen months. 

AutoPay plans cannot be corrected once they have been set up. If the first payment on the plan has not been made the admin can cancel it. If the first payment has been made the plan cannot be canceled, but it can be suspended, which basically means it is turned off.

Autopay - Can Parents choose the amount they will pay?

Yes. A parent can enter any amount in the "amount" field.  It is possible for the school to enter a particular amount and then have the parent fill in account or credit card numbers.  If the wrong amount is entered the plan would have to be either canceled or suspended.

What does the Payments tab do?

Financial > Payments > Submitted Payments

The Payments tab downloads the last 400 days of payments from PaySimple and shows it in Gradelink. This saves you the time from having to log into PaySimple to view a payment.