Alternative Grades can be used instead of standard grades when entering final grades for a class.  Alternative Grades are typically used when a student withdraws during the school year, has not completed the requirements for the course due to reasons such as  long-term absence, or is excused from a class before its completion.  Alternative Grades are customizable, and are not limited to W (Withdrawn), INC (Incomplete), and EX (Excused or Exempt) Gradelink includes by default.  Alternative Grades are not equivalent to a 0%, but rather function as an exception to the Grade Scale.

Please note:  If a student receives an Alternative Grade for a class, he or she will not receive credit, and the class will not be factored into the calculation of his or her GPA.

Customizing Alternative Grades

  1. As an Administrator, click the Classes tab on the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the gear button to the right of the Grade Scale drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Alternative Grades Grade Scale from the menu at the upper right side of the page.
  4. Enter the desired Alternative Grade Symbol, Grade Description, and Grade Order.
  5. Click Add after every newly entered Alternative Grade, or click on Submit Changes if an existing Alternative Grade has been changed.

Assigning Alternative Grades

Gradelink does not recommend assigning an Alternative Grade as a method of “overriding” a final grade, except in cases of student withdrawal, incomplete classwork, or exemption from grading.  If a student’s grade average needs to be changed in a class (such as changing a B to an A), it is recommended to first try the following:

  • Bonus Points: Assignments can be graded with up to 200% their max possible worth (for example a score of up to 20 points may be given on an assignment worth 10 points).
  • Extra Credit: Configure an Extra Credit Assignment Type, and offer student Extra Credit assignments to boost students' grades.
  • Adjust Curves: Teachers can edit an assignment’s curve to boost the class percentage, or they can add a curve to the entire class.

To change a student's grade on the grade sheet to an alternative grade, click on the GradeSheet button at the left.

  1. Choose the class or subject from the drop-down list at the top center of the page.
  2. Click on a student’s Class Grade, under the right-most, grayed-out column.
  3. Under the Alternative Grade drop-down list, select the Alternative Grade you would like to assign to the student.
  4. Click Submit.  This Alternative Grade will display on the student’s report cards and transcripts in place of a letter or percentage grade.

  5. Please note:  Alternative Grades will cause a class to be entirely removed from a student’s GPA calculations, so please anticipate the change accordingly.  If parents are allowed online access to Gradelink, they may also notice a discrepancy between what is displayed online versus on the report card.

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