1. How do I create a new term?

2. The term is almost over, how do we setup a new one?


Creating a new term in Gradelink is easy. To get started, go to the Terms tab.

To create a term, you must fill out the fields on the left side of the page and then hit Add. Let's go over them one at a time:

  • Term Title is the name that appears within Gradelink and on Transcripts.
  • Report Title is typically an abbreviation and appears on Report Cards.  For example, if your Term Title is “Quarter 3 2014-2015”, your Report Title might be “Q3”.
  • Start Date and End Date define the first and last dates of the term. These dates affect other areas of Gradelink such as Attendance, so make sure the dates are correct.
  • The Active checkbox determines whether or not a particular term is "active". Generally speaking, the only term that should be active is the current term, but it is possible to have multiple terms active at the same time.
  • The Parent Term menu is used when you want to group multiple terms under a larger, “parent” term. For example, many schools have two Quarters that are part of a single Semester. Assigning multiple terms to a parent term is helpful if you would like to combine them into a single overall grade.
  • Exam Terms have slightly different properties than regular terms. If you'd like to learn more about exam terms, please click here.

When you are done entering information, click Add to finish the process. Your new term should instantly appear on the list on the right.