1. How do I upload student photos?

2. How do I change which photo appears on the student profile?

3. How do I delete photos?


There are two ways to add student photos in Gradelink: through the Demographics page or through the Files page.

To add photos through the Demographics page, simply click on an existing image or click on Add. This will open a new window allowing you to select an image from your computer.

Gradelink recommends uploading photos with a 4:3 ratio to prevent distortion when viewing them in the interface. Acceptable image formats include .jpg and .png. The minimum height is 176px.

You can upload multiple photos for a student over time, and the date you upload each photo will appear next to the Add button. This makes it easy to keep images for each year or grade level. To cycle through the photos that have been uploaded for the student, click on the blue arrows on either side of the photo. To delete a photo, simply click on Del. It is not necessary to delete old photos to upload new ones, and there is no limit to the number of photos you can upload for a single student. 

To add photos through the Files page: 

  1. Click on the Students tab
  2. Select the Student
  3. Click on "Files"
  4. Click "Add New" and then select the photo(s) you wish to upload

To remove photos uploaded on the Files page, click on the trash can icon that appears on the right.

Note: While you can upload multiple photos for one student, you can't upload photos for multiple students at the same time.