1. How can we access login information for all students at once?

2. Is there a way to view all login information for specific grade levels?


To print or email login information for all Students and/or Parents at your school, or for all students in a particular grade level or class, use the Login Info Memo.

  1. From the Students tab
  2. Click the View/Export sub tab
  3. Click Login Info Memo

Like the Login Info Report, the Login Info Memo can be configured to display in multiple languages, to show only certain students or families, and to show information about the Gradelink mobile app.

Unlike the Login Info Report, which can only display credentials for one student or family at a time, the Login Info Memo can be used to view all students and families at the school at the same time. Furthermore, the Login Info Memo can be filtered to only show login credentials for students in a specific Grade Level or a specific Class.

Note:  While an administrator can see login information for all families at once when accessing the Login Info. Memo button, families will only see their own login information.  They will not be able to see login information for other families.