1. How do we edit the values on the class attendance sheet?


If you would like to edit the values that appear on the Class Attendance sheet:

  1. Go to the Settings tab
  2. Click Class Atten. Settings near the bottom of the page

On the following page, you can adjust aspects of the attendance values that appear on Class Attendance sheets.

The first column Item merely delineates each attendance value;  these names aren't actually used anywhere in Gradelink.

The second column Modified Title is the name that appears on most reports and in the Student / Parent interface and, if these fields are left blank, then Gradelink will display values from the third column, Default Title, instead.

Report Legend is used to record symbols that only appear on the Attendance Sheet report.

Finally, Absent Value assigns numeric points to each attendance value. This value should be set to zero for everything except “Absent” or anything equivalent to being absent such as “excused absence”. If you want three tardies to equal one absence, set it to -0.33. This will cause the “Day Absent” value to include the sum of days absent, excused absences and tardies.