1. We're ready to start a new school year, how do we do that?

2. How do we move to a new school year?


Starting a new school year requires completing the steps listed below.

The process of starting a new school year can be divided into two parts:

  1. Wrapping up the current school year
  2. Preparing the new school year

Part 1 - Wrapping up the current school year

  1. Make sure that all classes in all terms belonging to the current school year have been concluded
  2. Import new and re-enrolling students from EnrollMe (optional)
  3. Promote existing students and activate new students

Part 2 - Preparing the new school year

  1. Create new terms
  2. Copy classes from the last term of the old school year to the first term of the new school year
  3. Make adjustments to the copied classes, such as assigning new teachers
  4. Populate students into the new classes
  5. Add Non-School Days for the new school year