1. I can't see a past term, what happened to it?

2. Where are my terms from previous school years?


While Gradelink never deletes school data, that doesn't mean it is always visible in the interface. There are two common reasons why a term might no longer be visible in Gradelink: 

  • the term may no longer be marked as active
  • the term may fall outside of the 'cutoff' date

By default, Teachers are only able to see classes associated with the active term. That means that as soon as one term is made inactive, its classes will no longer be visible in the teacher interface. However, if a teacher would like to see classes that are part of an inactive term, they can do so by clicking on the "clock" icon that appears next to the class drop-down menu. 

When active, the clock will change from "Current" to "All", and teachers will be able to view classes for terms that are no longer active. Additionally, the name of the term each class belongs to will be appended to its name to make it easier to find the class you are looking for.

For administrators, it's important to note that Gradelink automatically hides terms that have an End Date greater than 999 days from the current date. This feature is designed to reduce clutter in the interface for administrators and teachers, and the specific cutoff value can be adjusted if you wish. For more information, please click here.