1. Why are my classes not copying over to the next term?

2. I can't copy my classes to the next term. What should I do?

3. When I try to copy classes, I can't select the term I want. What's going on?


There are two reasons that Gradelink might not allow you to copy classes to the next term:

  1. The Term you are trying to copy classes to already has classes in it
  2. It is too early in the current Term to start copying classes

Gradelink does not allow copying classes to Terms that already have classes in them. This is a safety feature designed to prevent accidentally enrolling students into multiple copies of the same class. Even if a Term only has a single class in it, Gradelink will still not allow you to copy classes into that Term.

Additionally, Gradelink will not allow you to copy classes from a term if the current date is more than two weeks prior to that Term's end date. Gradelink does not synchronize copied classes if changes are made to the original, so this acts as safety feature designed to avoid copying classes that are likely to be altered in the future. 

For example, if at the beginning of the year you have an attendance class assigned to a specific teacher, and then a few weeks into the term you assign the class to a different teacher after you've already copied the class to a new term, the copied class will not automatically update to reflect that you assigned the class to a different teacher.

However, it is possible to override the restriction on copying classes early. For more information, please click here.