1. Why are my assignment types showing up twice?

2. Why are the assignment types broken on the report card?

3. Why are there two of each assignment type on the report card?


The most common reason Assignment Types would appear twice for the same class is that the names of the Assignment Types were changed between terms.

In the example above, it may look like the two assignment types have the same name. However, in Gradelink even a difference in capitalization is enough for one name to be considered different from another.

To fix this issue, the Teacher who setup the assignment types will need to make sure to use the same exact name for each assignment type in each term.

1.  Go to the Assignment Types tab.

2. Select the class at the top in the class selector.

3. Select the Assignment Type on the right hand side that you need to change. 

4. Type in the corrected title. 

5. Click on Submit Changes.

Note: This article assumes that you have enabled the setting "Add assignment types as report card subgrades". If this setting is not active, then what you are seeing on your report card is probably a regular subgrade, NOT an assignment type. If you would like more information about how this setting works, please click here.