Possible Scenario:

1. How do I add SAT and ACT scores to the Transcript?

2. How do I remove tests and awards from the Transcript?


Tests and Awards that have been recorded in the Students tab will automatically appear on the Transcript as long as they are enabled.

First, make sure that you have recorded tests and awards for your students. For more information, please click here.

Then, make sure that the corresponding settings have been enabled:

  1. Go to the Transcripts tab
  2. Click Transcript Options at the top of the page
  3. Click on Manage Report Profile at the bottom of the page

On the Profile Settings page, select the report profile that you would like to enable Tests and Awards for. If the fields "Show Tests on Transcript" and "Show Awards on Transcript" don't already say 'yes', you will need to click on the "Edit" buttons to the right of the field, enter "yes", and then click "Save". Don't forget to click Submit Changes when you are done editing the fields below.

Note: Tests and Awards are influenced by the Grade Level Filter. Therefore, it's possible that even with Tests and Awards recorded for a student, they still won't appear on the transcript.