Existing families that have children already in the school can add other children not currently enrolled. Because they are enrolling a new student, they will need to create a temporary registration account for registering the new student as the information for the new student is not yet in Gradelink. This is the same process that prospective families go through when enrolling their children.  Keep in mind that the login credentials used to log into their Parent Portal will not work here.

  1. Parents will log-in to their Parent Portal using their Gradelink login username and password.

  2. They will then click the Re-Enroll tab on the left sidebar.

  3. After re-enrolling a current student, they will click the drop-down menu below the enrollment screen and either choose Add New, where they will then follow the steps outlined in Enrolling a New Student, or select another sibling currently in the school, in which case the screen will then switch over to other siblings re-enrollment application for re-enrollment.

Note: The new enrollment registration account is separate from Gradelink parent portal accounts for existing families. This is because not all prospective students enrolled to the school will be accepted into the school.