Administrators can control how and when Uncompleted Attendance alerts are sent to Staff in the Date/Time section of the Settings tab.

The settings are grouped by "Daily Attendance" and "Class Attendance" and can be configured to either be sent at a specific time of day or after a certain amount of time has elapsed since the start of the period. Furthermore, the alerts can be configured to notify teachers, too. For example, if a Teacher forgets to take attendance in one of their classes, rather than only alerting Administrators you can tell Gradelink to notify the Teacher directly.

If a Full or Limited Administrator would like to receive Uncompleted Attendance Notifications, they will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Staff tab.
  2. Select the account they would like to activate notifications for.
  3. Open the Notifications menu. Keep in mind that this menu will only be available for Full and Limited Administrator accounts, not Teachers.
  4. Check the box labeled "Receive notifications for uncompleted attendance".

If Teachers would like to receive Uncompleted Attendance Notifications, they will need to follow a different process.

To enable Teachers to receive uncompleted attendance notifications, Administrators must check the boxes labeled "Also notify Teachers" on the Date/Time page in the Settings tab. When these settings are active, any Teacher assigned to a class that Gradelink flags as "uncomplete" will receive a copy of the notification that is sent to Administrators.

Note: In order to receive Uncompleted Attendance notifications, please make sure that email addresses have been added for your Staff accounts.