Occasionally a Teacher will create a Lesson Plan that they want to periodically reuse; for example, maybe a music teacher wants to schedule practice twice a week throughout the entire term. In this case, trying to copy or extend the initial lesson plans would be incredibly time consuming. However, there's a quick and easy way to accomplish this: Repeating lesson plans.

Gradelink allows Teachers to setup repeating lesson plans on specific days of the week between specific start and end dates.

To repeat a lesson plan:

1. Select the Lesson Plans tab.

2. Make sure you're viewing the correct term.

3. Click on the arrows in the top right corner of the lesson plan you would like to repeat.

4. Click Repeat.

5. Specify on which days you would like the lesson plan to repeat.

6. Enter a start and end date.

7. Click Repeat.

8. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window that appears.

Note: The Start and End Dates are inclusive, which means you can schedule lesson plans to be repeated on the same day as the start or end date.